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Accomplish More – What have nootorpics helped you accomplish?

accomplish more

I want to take a moment out of my busy day to talk about serial entrepreneurship, testing your limits, and how nootropics helped me accomplish more. But first, let me tell you what my life was like before nootropics…

  • I had low mental energy throughout the day.
  • I got fatigued easily, despite being a regular gym-goer.
  • I suffered from a crippling social anxiety that prevented me from doing the things I loved.
  • I was a self-doubter and never thought I would accomplish more that being a second rate author.

Like most first-time nootropic buyers, I was interested in smart drugs long before I actually started using them. I remember when I made that first order from a reputable nootropics vendor. I was living in New York doing an internship for VICE and trying (unsuccessfully) to peddle my latest book of prose. I had known about nootropics for years. I was already a voracious reader of research papers detailing the cognitive boost and augmented focus and first hand accounts of people who used nootropics to help them accomplish more.

Eventually, I loaded up a bunch of basic racetams into my shopping cart and hit the buy button. “There goes $100 I’ll never see a return on.” I thought to myself.

Boy, was I wrong.

A few days later, when my order showed up at my door, I began experimenting with piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam, alpha-GPC, and others. When I didn’t immediately feel that cognitive jolt, I thought that I had been burned… Little did I know that they were working the entire time.

I continued on my nootropic regimen, despite not seeing immediate results. A few days passed, and I was thinking to myself what I could do to get my book to sell. Then it hit me. No one was going to buy my book. Why would they? I was writing the books that I wanted to write, and then tell people that they wanted to read them, which is something that even million-dollar marketing agencies have trouble with. What I should have been doing this whole time is writing the books that people were already buying.

Since then, I studiously researched all emerging nootropics and their effect on both body and mind. Using the right stacks implemented in the right situation, I have nootropics to thank for allowing me to turn the few books I had published into a full-service publishing company. Similarly, using an oxiracetam + tianeptine-induced marketing strategy I created, I was able to accomplish more sales in my apparel company, from selling 3-4 products a month to 300.

When people ask me, “What do nootropics feel like?” I tell them, “Like getting a new pair of glasses when your old pair was the prong prescription.” With nootropics, there is no lightbulb in your head that immediately flickers on. It’s more like a dimmer that is slowly and subtly being raised until you suddenly look back and realize that you’ve already accomplished way more than you normally would have in that same time span without nootropics.

Life before nootropics was like day and night. I have been able to increase my analytical thinking by tenfold and still have the mental energy to accomplish more in a single day, all while doing what I love.

I want to hear about the accomplishments of some of our customers. Since you integrated nootropics into your life, what goals of yours have you hit? What seemingly monstrous tasks have you tackled head-on? How have nootropics helped you accomplish more?


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    Brian McGrath

    1. Hi Brian,

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      Have a productive day,

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