Affiliate Program

How does your affiliate program work?

You must first apply to become an affiliate. To apply, you must first have a customer account setup. Simply click on the “Affiliates” page located in the footer of our homepage. This will take you directly to our affiliate application. After submitting your application, you will head back from us within 24 hours if we approve your application gets approved. Once you are approved as an affiliate, you will be able to log into the affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard allows you to view your affiliate links, download images and ad banners, and view your affiliate analytics.

Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is a link that goes to a specific page on our website ending with your affiliate ID. The only way to get paid from an affiliate sale is if a customer makes a purchase after clicking a link ending with your affiliate ID.

Affiliate Sales Commission

Affiliates will earn 10% of the total purchase from any customer who accesses our website using their affiliate link, shipping not included.


Our payout threshold is $50. You must meet with sales commission threshold in order to receive a payout. You can add your PayPal email to your affiliate account for automatic payouts every time your affiliate commission is over $50, or you can request a paper check mailed to you by emailing: with “Affiliate Payouts” in the subject.

Creatives, Images, & Ad Banners

Affiliates can access product images, ad banners, and other media from the “Creatives” tab on the affiliate dashboard. As an affiliate, you may also use any of the product images anywhere on the website, so long as they are used for affiliate sales only. Unauthorized use of any images, media, or intellectual property from Supplements for Work or BTS Club will result in both your affiliate account and customer account being removed.

Affiliate Analytics

From the affiliate dashboard, you are able to view sales, impressions, visitors, closed transactions, and much more. These analytics are battle-tested and extremely accurate, so use them to your advantage.

Affiliate Link Cookies

A customer doesn’t have to make a purchase the moment they click on your affiliate link in order for you to earn a commission. When you share your affiliate link with someone, our site stores cookies on their browser for up to 30 days. If that same customer makes a purchase within the next 30 days, you will earn 10% sales commission from their total purchase.