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Hydrafinil 101

hydrafinil Fluorenol molecule

Hydrafinil (also known as Fluorenol) is a compound discovered by the biopharmaceutical company Cephalon, in 2012, in their search for a next-generation improvement upon 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide. They were looking for eugeroic compounds (wakefulness-promoting agents), of which 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide is the most widely used. Of the dozens of possibly eugeroic compounds the company explored, Hydrafinil was one of only a handful that was viewed as a possible successor to this powerful wakefulness promoter.

The Chemical Structure of Hydrafinil

How Hydrafinil Works

Very little is known about the mechanism of action exerted by Hydrafinil since it is such a new compound. However, because it was derived from 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide there are some assumptions we can make about how is shows its eugeroic effect. While the exact mechanism of action of Hydrafinil remains elusive, we do have a working model of the interactions that lead to at least part of the eugeroic effect.

What makes Hydrafinil unique is that while it has similar activity in the brain as other extremely euphoric supplements, it has not been found to lead to addiction at anywhere near the rate of other DRIs. This is hypothesized to be because while Hydrafinil interacts with the same protein (DAT) as cocaine, it binds to it differently, having a much weaker and more selective effect.

Hydrafinil takes this concept even further binding to DAT proteins at only 1/3 the rate of hydrafinil. Interestingly, Hydrafinil enters the brain more easily than 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide, so the same dose still maintained the same level of wakefulness-promoting properties, while theoretically lowering the possibility of abuse.

What does this mean for you?

While it is impossible to know how any compound will affect an individual’s unique biochemistry, if you do decide to buy Hydrafinil there are many possible advantages. A dose of Hydrafinil costs less than a cup of coffee and has a longer and more pronounced eugeroic effect. Hydrafinil can be used to treat narcolepsy and to help those who work night shifts stay alert. Additionally, many individuals who have been self-administering Hydrafinil have reported anti-depressant effects, leading some to hypothesize that there are serotonergic side effects that have so far gone unreported in the scientific literature.

Hydrafinil has also been reported to exhibit fewer side effects than any similar supplements. If you are prone to jaw tension, jitters, or other adverse reactions associated with stimulants you should consider buying Hydrafinil as an alternative.

As with other eugeroics, there are many that find Hydrafinil not only wakefulness promoting, but to also increases attentiveness in those who suffer from ADHD. This can allow for some to stop taking stronger stimulants to treat the disease like Adderall and Ritalin.

If you do decide to buy Hydrafinil there are some negatives to keep in mind. Some people report experiencing headaches which increase in severity with the dosage. These headaches are usually resolved by waiting for the effects of the Hydrafinil to wear off or by taking a nap, a particularly tricky endeavour after having just consumed a wakefulness-promoting agent.

Additionally, others have found Hydrafinil to have no eugeroic activity. This is likely dictated genetically. Research has indicated that specific mutations in the COMT gene responsible for producing a protein that metabolizes dopamine and other neurotransmitters, effectively renders the effects of it undetectable. This doesn’t seem to be constrained only to Hydrafinil with it affecting other eugeroic compounds based on user reports.

As with all very new compounds, there is inherent risk in ingesting them due to unforeseen interaction in the human body. This compound is especially prone to the risk of the unknown due to its very short existence in the literature (only 6 years at the time of this writing) and its relatively large chemical difference from its parent compound.

The process of discovering Hydrafinil. Using the base structure of 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide, (1) a derivative was conceived and synthesized (15). Upon trials of the new derivative it was found to be inactive before metabolism, but one of its metabolites was found to be active and dubbed Hydrafinil (3).

Hydrafinil Dosage

The dosage for Hydrafinil is widely excepted to be lower than that of 2-benzhydrylsulfinylacetamide, with most recommendations falling around 50 mg for a starting dose and titrating up until a comfortable level is reached. Most people find the most effective dose to be somewhere between 80-120 mg.

Buy Hydrafinil

When you buy Hydrafinil, always look for trusted sources.  While it is legal to buy Hydrafinil in the United States, this nootropic is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So make sure that whatever supplier you choose is trustworthy and has had their product tested to make sure it is Hydrafinil and of an adequate purity. Hydrafinil is usually sold in its salt forms making it water soluble. Always weigh your dosages with an accurate scale (In this case a scale that has an error of +/- 5 mg would be adequate). Also, utilize volumetric dosing, which can further mitigate risks associated with inaccurate equipment.

If an individual is looking for a way to manage fatigue, focus for longer periods of time, and increase their levels of alertness, they may consider taking Hydrafinil.  This nootropic is a mild stimulant that is less likely to produce uncomfortable side effects than similar compounds.  Many users report having very positive experiences with Hydrafinil, with benefits seen in as little as 60 minutes after taking a dose.

Sources Include:

  • Dunn, D.; Hostetler, G.; Iqbal, M.; Marcy, V. R.; Lin, Y. G.; Jones, B.; Aimone, L. D.; Gruner, J.; Ator, M. A.; Bacon, E. R.; Chatterjee, S. (2012). “Wake promoting agents: Search for next generation modafinil, lessons learned: Part III”. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.
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What is the best nootropic stack?

People who consider themselves part of the nootropic community are always on the lookout for the best nootropic stack. While there are some amazing proprietary nootropic stacks that many companies mix together into a capsule, these proprietary blends are a “one-size-fits-all” stack and lack the personalization of creating a nootropic stack that works for the individual. If you’re a creative writer, for example, the best nootropic stack you can put together will be aniracetam based.

This article will discuss the attributes of individual nootropic ingredients you can use to create the best nootropic stack that works for you.

Before you can create the best nootropic stack for your own personal use, it is imperative that the nootropics you select are sourced from a trusted nootropic vendor with excellent quality assurance practices. One thing to look for in any nootropic vendor is their Certificate of Analysis from a 3rd party. This is an independent laboratory, not affiliated with the vendor or nootropic manufacturer, who analyzes each nootropic to find any impurities. Supplements for Work has a steadfast commitment to the high-quality standards of their products and is the number one vendor for many in the nootropic community.

You can view Supplements for Work’s Quality Assurance procedure here. You can find the Certificate of Analysis for all Supplements for Work products here.

The best nootropic stack for you should not only improve brain function, it should improve your health in a variety of ways through the power of synergistic nootropics working together.  This can include any supplement, smart drug, and even vitamins and minerals.  One may desire to take a nootropic stack  to have a  boost in overall brain health, better focus, improved mental clarity, increased concentration, better  memory concentration, reduced anxiety and stress, and have a better learning capacity.  

When you take more than one nootropics, you create a stack. Stacking these will allow the supplement, smart drug, or nutraceuticals to work more efficiently, working harder on improving brain function. Various stacks are designed to help with anxiety, improve the memory and more. The best nootropic stack can help you boost your creativity, enhance your learning process, sharpen your focus, make you concentrate deeper, give you more motivation, and increase social fluidity.  If one is interested in creating the best nootropic stack that is personalized for them, they need to first determine what they want to accomplish with the nootropics.  Making a list of things one would like to see an improvement in (memory concentration, less stress, mood enhancer, less fatigue, reasoning better, etc.) will help to determine what  the best nootropic stack will be for you.

Creating a stack customized just for you can be more economical than purchasing pre-made stacks.  You will be in full control of the doses that are added when you customize your own.   Not sure which nootropics to add to make your best nootropics stack?  Here are some suggestions:

If you are looking for a way to up your motivation, you may be interested in Sulbutiamine. This will not provide any jittery feelings.  When taken on a regular basis, Sulbutiamine has been shown to improve memory.  This includes both short and long term memory skills.  Anxiety can also be reduced when taking this nootropic.  Please be advised if you are on SSRI antidepressants to talk to your physician as they can cause a negative reaction when mixed. This powerful supplement can assist you in making the best nootropic stack for your personal needs. Those that are suffering from fatigue may benefit greatly from taking this nootropic.  It will promote wakefulness as it has stimulant properties.  

If you are looking to enhance short and long term memory, you will want to check out Piracetam (one of the most well known racetams).  It is a great nootropics for beginners, and could potentially have a boost in motivation.  It has a very high success rate and is fairly inexpensive.  Piracetam has been known to promote neuronal communication while protecting brain cells.  Oxygen is boosted when taken, which could promote feelings of alertness and mental fluidity.  Piracetam is often labeled a best nootropic stack as it is generally well tolerated by most individuals.  Those using Piracetam will often notice they are able to recall past auditory, olfactory,and visual experiences, connecting those to other memories.  It is often noted as the best nootropic stack to take if you are suffering from dyslexia, sickle cell anemia, or vertigo.

If you have trouble with memory, consider adding Noopept.  It works almost immediately after it is digested into the body.  This one is very easy to take and is taken in small quantities.  It is similar to Piracetam, so if that one did not work as well as expected, you can switch to this nootropics.  Noopept is the best nootropic stack for fast memory recall.  Things in the memory will become more clear when taking this nootropic, as the attention span is generally improved upon taking it.  Motivation and drive are also affected, which can in turn increase one’s productivity.

Noopept is absorbed from the GI tract. From here, it will be circulated to the brain.  Noopept is one of the fastest acting nootropics available on the market, with it having the potential to reach maximum concentration within 20 minutes.  Noopept has antioxidant properties which can flush away the excess calcium and other toxins that are in the brain.

L-Theanine promotes overall focus and memory retention.  It is used by many as a means to relax as well.  This is a very safe nootropics with minimal or rare side effects.  It is found in black and green tea and works well with caffeine.  Together they will create a faster reaction time and assist in mental endurance and memory. L-Theanine improves the function of the heart as it increases nitric oxide production.  It prevents hardening of the arteries and limits liver injuries by restoring liver cells. L-Theanine is also great for those that want to improve their sleep quality.  

If you have a goal to make mental clarity the issue you are working on, you can check out Bacopa.  Not only will this herbal supplement make you sharper, it will reduce anxiety and depression levels and help with forgetfulness.  This supplement has been used in India for well over three centuries.  Blood pressure can be lowered when using this supplement.  This is a high quality nootropic stack as it acts as an adaptogen.  Bacopa has the ability to regulate chronic stress in an individual’s life.  Information that is newly processed in the brain is retained easier when consuming Bacopa. Due to being an anti-inflammatory, those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can greatly benefit by adding this to their daily regimine. The antimicrobial herb has been used to prevent H-pylori, the bacteria that forms stomach ulcers.

Alpha GPC is a great nootropic to take on its own to enhance the memory.  However, when combined in a stack, this compound will maximize the effects of the other ingredients.  Alpha GPC can be classified as the best nootropic stack for an energy booster as it acts as a mild stimulant.  This nootropic supports overall brain function, enhancing the brain’s ability to repair any damaged cell membranes while encouraging new brain cell development.

Alpha GPC is the best nootropic stack to take if you are wanting to improve your mood or mental clarity.  This nootropic is one of the best at starving away age related cognitive decline, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Nootropic stacks are a great addition in managing one’s health.  Overall brain function can be improved, as can one’s overall energy.  Mental clarity, enhanced memory in both short and long term memory, better focus, and improved sleep quality can all be improved by adding a nootropic into your daily regimen.

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How Dustin Mike Miller Used Nootropics to Create the U.L.C.

dustin mike miller

This week’s S4W Accomplish More: All-Stars spotlights Dustin Mike Miller. Dustin Mike Miller is the founder of The Unified Living Construct (U.L.C.), a platform for world change, self-development and sharing philosophy fostering innovation and growth. This is his story about how experimenting with nootropics helped lay the cornerstones for The U.L.C.

Continue reading How Dustin Mike Miller Used Nootropics to Create the U.L.C.

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Supplements for Work’s Updated Quality Control Process

Complete transparency is one of the cornerstones upon which Supplements for Work was built. It’s always been one of our core values, ever since we first started and included a copy of the Certificate of Analysis with each order we shipped. Every customer has the right to know exactly what’s in the products they buy because, let’s face it, it can be pretty scary when faced with a ubiquitous “proprietary blend” and you aren’t certain that the listed ingredients may not be entirely accurate. When someone buys from Supplements for Work, we don’t want them to have a single doubt in their mind about the purity of what they’re getting, which is why we are updating our quality control process.

Previous to this update, our QA process was pretty much the same as every other online nootropic vendor:

  1. We request something to be manufactured
  2. The manufacturer provides us with their analysis of the batch before shipping us the batch.
  3. Once received, we send a sample from that batch to a 3rd party lab for HPLC analysis.
  4. If the results of the analysis meet our standards (>98% purity with no traces of  harmful impurities), only then are we able to make it available for sale. Anything non-complaint with these standards gets sent back.
  5. Our COAs are always available for any customer who wants to view them here.

This process is the QA standard in the supplement industry and is essential both for knowing exactly what’s in our products and keeping our customers safe, however, there are several problems with this model of quality control. What if the manufacturer sends you a fake COA? What if the 3rd party lab tech botches the analysis? What if their testing equipment is not working properly? What if they mix up the samples or results of the analysis with a different batch? Although extremely rare, there are an infinite amount of things that could go wrong due to human error or technological malfunction. This risks the possibility, however remote, that both the vendor and customer may not know the true quality of each batch.

Starting immediately, Supplements for Work is adopting a new quality control process that removes any doubts of a products purity and gives our customers peace of mind.

  1. We request something to be manufactured.
  2. We send an auditor to the manufacturing facility to ensure they operate in a clean, ethical, and GMP complaint environment.
  3. If they pass, they manufacture the requested compound and provide us with their analysis of the batch before shipping us the batch.
  4. Once received, we send a sample from that batch to a 3rd party lab for HPLC and a second form of analysis depending on the compound.
  5. Meanwhile, we conduct our own in-house analysis.
  6. The compound manufacturer, the 3rd party lab, and our own in-house analysis must match up while conforming to our standard of >98% purity with no traces of  harmful impurities. Any variance between the three test results requires additional analysis before we can make it available for sale.
  7. The certificates of analysis are fastidiously updated with every new batch and open to the public at all times. Factory audit reports will also be available, although the names and contact information will be blacked out.

Obviously, this new process involves an extra week or two of lead time between us receiving the products and actually making them available for sale. It is also considerably more expensive, however, Supplements for Work will endeavor to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality nootropics available anywhere. The goal here is to eliminate the question of quality from every end of the spectrum, and by immediately adopting this new QA procedure, we hope to do just that.

Let us know if there are any other steps you would like to see us adopt into our Quality Assurance process by commenting below.

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The Truth Behind the Tianeptine Shortage, When Sodium Will Be Back & How Much It Will Cost

tianeptine shortage banner

Tianeptine fans and nootropic lovers around the net have been buzzing this last month as they try to answer one simple question: When will the tianeptine shortage be over?  Well, Supplements for Work is happy to announce that the Great Tianeptine Shortage of 2017 is drawing to a close, and along with it, all of the rumors.

Before we go any further in explaining why this tianeptine shortage happened, when tianeptine sodium will be back in stock, and exactly how much it’ll cost, it’s important that everyone understands how chemical manufacturers work. This was most recently illustrated by Joshua Fulton, the owner of Absorb Your Health:

To be honest, there are really only a few suppliers of these nootropics ingredients, so unless someone is an evil scientist and wants to hurt people by tampering with things, everyone should pretty much have the same thing. That’s how it’s supposed to be in the supplement industry.

Just as Josh pointed out in this somewhat infamous Reddit post,  there are only a handful of laboratories in the entire world capable of manufacturing compounds as complicated as tianeptine on a massive scale. Aside from the rouge university lab that has been known to occasionally manufacture a few milligrams of tianeptine or other nootropics strictly for the purpose of lab testing, customers can sleep soundly knowing that if they purchased tianeptine in any way, shape, or form, it came from one of a few of the facilities who have been doing so for years. It just so happens that all of these facilities equipped to produce nootropics (including, but not limited to, tianeptine sodium, sulfate, and free acid) on a large scale operate in – you guessed it – China. These handful of Chinese facilities produce most of the supplements consumed around the world.

A common myth surrounding the supplement industry is that there are no regulating bodies that control what companies put into pills and powders. The truth is that the supplements industry – and especially nootropics – is one of the most heavily regulated industries today, with the type of regulations dependent upon the type of supplement (although the responsibility for enforcing government regulations almost always falls on the responsibility of the supplement manufacturer). Between the differing regulations between countries and the fact that government agencies frequently change these regulations, it can be difficult for manufacturers to ensure that they meet all of the current regulations. While the FDA is generally helpful and notifies these large biotech companies prior to shutting them down, the ambiguous terminology and definitions used by the FDA doesn’t help the situation. You can find the FDA’s consumer health information on regulations for supplements sold in the USA here.

In September 2017, in the face of mounting political pressure on China to reduce their pollution and curb their emissions, the Chinese Ministry of Environment announced new regulations on Chinese industries, factories, and chemical manufacturing facilities.

What’s important to understand about the Great Tianeptine Shortage of 2017 is that this event is actually much, much bigger than it seems. For tianeptine users, this tianeptine shortage is mild inconvenience, however, to the thousands of Chinese businessmen who were recently put out of business, this is a catastrophic event. China has never before closed down so many facilities for environmental regulations, which left many without jobs, and in some cases, imprisoned, according to NPR.

“So, basically, you’re seeing these inspectors go into factories for surprise inspections. They’re instituting daily fines, and sometimes — in the real severe cases — criminal enforcement. People are getting put in jail.” Gary Huang, founder of a firm that serves as a middleman between the Chinese supply chain and foreign companies, told NPR.

In September  2017, the Chinese Ministry of the Environment decided to enforce harsher regulations on chemical manufacturing facilities throughout China. This directly affected all the facilities capable of mass producing Tianeptine Sodium, and while some are still in operation despite hefty fees from the Chinese Ministry of Environment, many have been permanently shut down.

To truly grasp exactly how bad these government-imposed regulations are, this article by Michael Standaert at BNA puts it in perspective with an alarming statistic.

What started with inspections in the Hebei region around heavily polluted Beijing—and where 176,000 small businesses were forced to close by the end of September—was extended to all four major municipalities and 10 provinces.

Today, we learned that there may have been another motive behind China’s sudden environmental regulations and the haste with which they acted to enforce them when Air Force One touched down in Beijing for president Donald Trump’s first official visit to China. The skies above Beijing, usually clouded with pollution, cleared up “about 20%” during Trump’s visit to China, and according to analysts in this Economic Times article, both the environment and US-China trade relations were topics on Trump’s agenda.

According to one facility that manufactures tianeptine sodium, the newly adopted regulations specifically target one intermediate that happens to be a main precursor for Tianeptine Sodium – 4-Amino-2-chlorobenzoic acid. For these reasons, the price of all forms of tianeptine must increase, although we will continue to offer the lowest price possible, just as we have before the tianeptine shortage.

With politics behind them, all of the facilities that are still capable of producing tianeptine sodium are once again producing it. The tianeptine shortage is finally at an end, and we here at Supplements for Work expect to have Tianeptine Sodium available in stock by next week. In the meantime, Tianeptine Free Acid and Tianeptine Sulfate are both in stock.

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7 Reasons Packages Get Destroyed

This is a guest post courtesy of one of our customers, John Hawthorne. View the original article here.

Receivingpackages in the mail is one of life’s little pleasures. You open your door and there on your porch is a little bundle of joy. No, not a baby (hopefully). It’s a UPS/USPS/FedEx package containing something you ordered or someone sent you.

You pick up the parcel of goodness and transport it inside with trembling, sweating hands. With baited breath, you delicately slice the packing tape, all while maintaining the precision of a surgeon. No room for error here.

But something is wrong. You look inside the package and feel your stomach drop. The shock is almost too much.

Is this some kind of cosmic joke?

Is someone out to get you.

Your package has been…



destroyed package
Image via

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Tianeptine Withdrawal: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Better Quick

So you woke up this morning in a cold sweat with intense muscle cramps and now you’re going through full blown tianeptine withdrawal. Chances are, you saw this coming and your next order of tianeptine will arrive shortly. In the meantime, you need to deal with what many consider to be hell on earth – tianeptine withdrawal.

When you wake up in full blown tianeptine withdrawal, you have one of two options. You first inclination might be to order more. or you can ride this puppy out and bid a fond farewell to the big T forever. The latter option is never easy for anyone, but if you acknowledge the warning signs, you’ve lost control of your dosing, or if you want to avoid tianeptine withdrawal in the future, it might be a good idea to cut tianeptine out of your life for good.

No matter what you choose, this article was created to walk you through some tips and techniques to help you find relief and ease the symptoms commonly associated with tianeptine withdrawal so you can reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep in mind that no one at Supplements for Work is a doctor and we do not provide medical advice. If you are addicted and want to stop, seek out the help of a medical professional or family member.


The Ultimate Guide to Tianeptine Withdrawal

This guide is broken down into three sections, each dealing with a specific aspect during every stage of tianeptine withdrawal. Use the table of contents below to find relevant information quickly based on your specific needs.


Tianeptine Withdrawal Survey

Preventing Tianeptine Withdrawal Before it Happens

Immediate Relief from Tianeptine Withdrawal Symptoms

Substitutes & Supplements to Help You Get Through Tianeptine Withdrawal



Keep in mind that this is an ongoing article that we will continually update based on new research and feedback from the S4W community. If you have a tianeptine withdrawal experience you would like to share or advice, add to the conversation by commenting below.

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The S4W Weekly Giveaway!

s4w weekly giveaway

Each week we’re giving away the best nootropics from our secret stash. All you have to do is follow us on Facebook or Twitter to enter. Winners will be announced via email on Monday of each week.

This weeks prize:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait that long? Check out other products we have on sale this week.


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Ultimate Guide to Convert Tianeptine Free Acid to Sodium Salt

how to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium

One of the common questions we get from customers is, “How can I convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt?” Keep in mind that Supplements for Work strongly discourages anyone without  extensive chemistry knowledge, experience, the proper equipment, and a degree in chemistry from attempting to change the chemical structure of any nootropic compounds and that this article is strictly for informational purposes.

This article will explain why someone would want to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt, the benefits of both tianeptine free acid vs sodium salt, what you’ll need to do the conversion, and we’ll walk you through how to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt step by step.

If you use tianeptine sodium, you know how effective it is for fast relief to symptoms such as anxiety and depression as well as its effectiveness as a nootropic for focus, mental and physical energy, lifting “brain fog”, and much more. One of the biggest criticisms of tianeptine sodium is it’s short half-life of about 3 hours. This is the primary reason why researchers at Jassen Bioscience first synthesized tianeptine free acid and sulfate and  in 2009 – two compounds with the same structure as tianeptine sodium, but with twice the half-life. Not long after tianeptine free acid and sulfate were patented, Biophore India Phermaceuticals published a process describing how to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt.


Why convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt?

While tianeptine free acid has a longer half-life than the sodium salt form does, in addition to being less hydroscopic, free acid is difficult to dissolve in an aqueous solution and only soluble in NaOH and KOH, which are obviously not for human consumption. Additionally, tianeptine sodium can cross the blood-brain barrier in around 15 minutes, while the free acid form can take up to 45 minutes. That extra 30 minutes is pure hell is you are someone going through an anxiety attack and need fast relief. Lastly, tianeptine sodium has a much higher concentration than free acid, meaning that lower amounts are required to achieve the same effects – tianeptine sodium is approximately 5 times as potent as the free acid.


What you’ll need to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt

To do this right, it’s essential that you have all the proper equipment. Especially reliable measuring tools.   Do not cut corners when it comes to the tools used in this conversion.

  • Digital scale (weighs to the milligram or 0.001)
  • Small pot (anything you would normally use to boiling water)
  • Small Pyrex bowl (heat resistant)
  • Pyrix Measuring cup with milliliters measurements (do not use plastic)
  • Stirring device (a spoon will work, but glass is preferred)
  • Digital Thermometer
  • 1200 ml distilled water
  • 200 mg Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • 1 gram Tianeptine Free Acid

Tianeptine free acid has the tendency of clumping up into hard rocks, so when you convert Tianeptine Free Acid to Sodium salt, make sure you break it all down into a fine powder prior to starting this conversion..

You can find all of these things at your local laboratory equipment store (see: University), kitchen utensil store such as Williams-Sonoma, or any department store such as Walmart or Target.


How to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt

Note: In this conversion,we’re going to use 1 gram of tianeptine free acid. This can be multiplied depending on your desired end product.


  • Fill pot with water tap water for boiling (Not your 1200 mL of distilled water)
  • Turn on stove to low (about a simmer maybe a little more)
  • Using your Pyrex bowl or Pie Pan create a double boil by placing bowl/pie pan over simmering water.
  • Next place 1200 mL Distilled Water in double boil
  • Add 200 mg of Baking Soda
  • Stir mixture while gradually increasing temperature on stove.
  • While stirring bring mixture to approximately 130-150 degrees
  • Remove solution from heat & place in storage container.

This is the reaction we want to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium:

C21H25ClN2O4S + H2O + NAHCO3è C21H24ClN2NaO4S + 2(H2O)

So, Tianeptine free acid + Aqueous NaHCO2 = Tianeptine Sodium + Water

  • Keeping your pan of simmering water on low measure 100 mL of Aqueous NaHCO2
  • Place measuring cup in simmering water to create a double broil.
  • Add 1 gram Tianeptine Free Acid into simmering Aqueous NaHCO2 in measuring cup
  • Stir while raising heat and keeping track of temperature. You want the water inside the measuring up to hit 150F, then reduce the heat while continuing to and stop stirring.
  • You will start to see the reaction occur around 170F. Solution will become crystal clear and all Tianeptine will be dispersed.
  • As soon as that water goes from cloudy to clear, turn off the heat.

You will be left with a 100 ml solution of Tianeptine sodium with a concentration of approximately 17.5 mg per 1 ml.

The number one mistake people make while trying to convert Tianeptine Free Acid to sodium salt is not using enough heat. People are often scared that using too much heat will destroy their Tianeptine, however, if your end product looks clouds with little bits of powder at the bottom, you haven’t given it enough time to fully react and it requires more heat. Most people end up with small amounts of free acid at the bottom of their container, especially when they convert Tianeptine Free Acid to sodium salt their first time. This is very common, which is why it is important that you start with a small amount (1 gram) on your first tine.

The beauty of this reaction is that you end up with more tianeptine sodium than free acid. When you convert Tianeptine Free Acid to sodium salt, the baking sodium adds to the total volume of the reaction, leaving you with 1/5 more. For most people, using an aqueous Tianeptine sodium solution and dropper work fine. If you want Tianeptine sodium powder, the liquid can be evaporated until only the powder remains, however, keep in mind that you will lose a small amount of Tianeptine this way.

If you’ve used his method to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt successfully, or if you have any questions, please share your experience with the community and comment below.


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How to Make Sulbutiamine Powder Taste Delicious

The Sulbutiamine Taste

Many people detest Sulbutiamine for its taste but love its benefits. As most know, Sulbutiamine tastes like B vitamins + dirt + hot garbage ran through a coffee grinder. When you order Sulbutiamine in powder form, it’s a good idea to have a plan in mind for when it arrives. Otherwise, it might sit around for months! If you’re like me, you don’t like the idea of good nootropics going to waste (or anything for that matter). Here are a few ways to actually make it taste good!

  1. Sulbutiamine + vanilla protein powder. This has become a near daily occurrence for me after a good hard workout as I usually lack energy after a few hours at the gym. First, vanilla is the only protein powder flavor that can successfully mask the taste of Sulbutiamine. I tried a few different brands of protein powder and all of them not only mask the taste, but vanilla enhances it to the point where it actually tastes decent. I like to add some cinnamon, turmeric, or vanilla extract to mine, as well, sometimes.
  2. Sweet tea. There is no secret here. It’s because sweet tea generally has a TON of sugar in it to cover up the nasty taste of Sulbutiamine.
  3. Mocha coffee/frappuccino. While these can sometimes have quite a bit of sugar in them, you actually taste more of the mocha flavoring than the Sulbutiamine. Note that chocolate flavored ANYTHING will not work, as chocolate is naturally bitter. I add two Splendas to mine to mask the Sulbutiamine even more.

Follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying your Sulbutiamine powder in no time!