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How Dustin Mike Miller Used Nootropics to Create the U.L.C.

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This week’s S4W Accomplish More: All-Stars spotlights Dustin Mike Miller. Dustin Mike Miller is the founder of The Unified Living Construct (U.L.C.), a platform for world change, self-development and sharing philosophy fostering innovation and growth. This is his story about how experimenting with nootropics helped lay the cornerstones for The U.L.C.

Years ago, when I started the U.L.C. I had experience with web design before, but with a lack of proper coding knowledge I was limited on what I could do. The United Living Construct, as an idea, has been with me since I was very young and the urge to unite world changers was greatly ingrained in me. I used a website called WordPress (the .com version) and it was very constrictive, preventing anything in relation to the U.L.C. being a platform for change, and limiting the type of content I could put out to mainly just text. This blog lasted for about two years, and only at the end of that tenure had I started taking Nootropics.

Around that time is when I started taking them on a more regular basis, trying out various supplements to see how they would effect me personally. (Every supplement can be slightly different for each person!) I came across a mentor who inspired me to get back on the hustle with U.L.C., and after a bit of research I completely rebuilt the website from the ground up, started a U.L.C. Podcast, a plethora of Social Media accounts, and getting the groundwork ready for the platform to impact the world.

I recreated the site I envisioned on Wix so I could express the deepest creativity and user flow experience. I used Nootropics to deepen my connection to the creative, as well as execute on the production.

The Nootropics I Used

Nootropics are a complicated matter when you look at them as a big picture, each with different branches. Overall, however, if you stick to some of the basics for a while, understanding how they work, how they impact your brain, and learn how your brain works (neuroscience) then you will have a much better time using them. This is actually what I did as I knew that jumping right in without taking precautions could be dangerous. I started small with Ginkgo Biloba, then L-Theanine, which right there will get most people a boost if taken with caffeine. The most basic stack is Caffeine and L-Theanine, to my knowledge that is what I read even then and what I chose to quick start myself with.

Over the course of the few months before the revamp of the site, I spent a lot of time experimenting with different supplements. At the time I worked at a health food store, which gave me a discount on some Nootropics, including: Vinpocetine (Cognition and Mood), Huperzine A (Memory and Focus), Phosphatidylserine (Memory), Ginseng (Energy), and half of dozen other ones. I also purchased some from the Racetam family. Those are much stronger and effect you differently. While all the ones previously mentioned are natural, Racetams are not. I started taking Lion’s Mane and Shilajit in the past month, and I will say more when I get done testing!

My strategy for testing new supplements is to try and isolate them as much as possible, taking a week for each one, maybe a month if you can, to try it on its own, all in order to see how it effects you personally. Perhaps it makes your stomach upset for some reason, or Ginkgo is a blood thinner so maybe its not a right fit for you. Keep in mind your baseline needs to be addressed first, and so throughout this entire time I worked out consistently, and aimed to have a strong diet (As best I could). Choline and Inositol are some basic base line supplements that keep your brain primed. Without them you could have DECREASED focus, headaches, etc. I am talking more about Choline, as I have had that happen to me when taking Piracetam.

Dustin Mike Miller’s Current Stack

Vinpocetine: 5-10mg (I now take 10 regularly, but start it off small as this could be strong)

Huperzine-a: 300mcg (Much higher dose than many people take, perhaps start with 10 or 200mcg depending on product availability!)

L-Theanine: 200mg

Caffeine: 150-500mg (I know, not good for you at high doses!)

Ginseng: Various amounts.

Lions Mane: 500mg

L-Tyrosine: 500mg Give or take

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 500mg

Co-Q10: 200mg

Omega 3-6-9: 1000mg (Mix of all three kinds)

Ginkgo: 120mg (Mix of the leaf extract, and powder)

GABA: 500mg (This one is strong too so be careful, at first it made me sleepy, but after a while it started making me more focused.)

Other Nootropics I’ve Tried:

Bacopa: Strong, perhaps worth another go, but I didn’t feel much when in conjunction with my stack, just really on its own.

DMAE: Limited experience, and usually was in a stack, but it seems to smooth the feelings out overall.

5-HTP: Calming, some people use it for sleep, and can be good in conjunction with other baseline supplements.

Coluracetam: Subtly powerful, but it seemed it was a more memory based supplement like a lot of the others I take, and so it wasn’t worth the side effects overall. A different racetam was necessary for me.

Oxiracetam: Now this one was rather cool, and some people put it on the same level of Aniracetam, which I still have yet to try!

Piracetam: Base level Racetam (I have been using Noopept which is really similar to this one but weaker), and it gives a subtle boost in cognition and focus, may be worth it after a while, but not right away.

Sulbutiamine: Another supplement with little effect in a stack, on its own it was noticeable, but not strong.

Pregnenolone: Didn’t really feel much with this one, in fact I was a little annoyed considering it’s price can climb at times, and there seemed to be no particular effect standing out.

Shilajit: Just starting experiment with this one and Lions Mane, both together, isolated, and in my stack. There seems to be some strong synergy involved with them both in my stack. Which makes me really excited. This is a tar that seeps out of the Himalayan mountains, and trust me it is cooler than it sounds. It seems to be a versatile supplement as well, having some longevity properties, and some energy boosting ones too. May be worth a look!


This is a guest post by Dustin Mike Miller. Contact Dustin at United Living Construct.


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