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How to Make Sulbutiamine Powder Taste Delicious

The Sulbutiamine Taste

Many people detest Sulbutiamine for its taste but love its benefits. As most know, Sulbutiamine tastes like B vitamins + dirt + hot garbage ran through a coffee grinder. When you order Sulbutiamine in powder form, it’s a good idea to have a plan in mind for when it arrives. Otherwise, it might sit around for months! If you’re like me, you don’t like the idea of good nootropics going to waste (or anything for that matter). Here are a few ways to actually make it taste good!

  1. Sulbutiamine + vanilla protein powder. This has become a near daily occurrence for me after a good hard workout as I usually lack energy after a few hours at the gym. First, vanilla is the only protein powder flavor that can successfully mask the taste of Sulbutiamine. I tried a few different brands of protein powder and all of them not only mask the taste, but vanilla enhances it to the point where it actually tastes decent. I like to add some cinnamon, turmeric, or vanilla extract to mine, as well, sometimes.
  2. Sweet tea. There is no secret here. It’s because sweet tea generally has a TON of sugar in it to cover up the nasty taste of Sulbutiamine.
  3. Mocha coffee/frappuccino. While these can sometimes have quite a bit of sugar in them, you actually taste more of the mocha flavoring than the Sulbutiamine. Note that chocolate flavored ANYTHING will not work, as chocolate is naturally bitter. I add two Splendas to mine to mask the Sulbutiamine even more.

Follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying your Sulbutiamine powder in no time!

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