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Edible Film for Parachuting Powder Stacks

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Easily measure and consume any powder or supplement with Supplements for Work’s Edible Oblate Disks.


STOP parachuting your powder nootropic stack with harmful tissue paper or filling time-consuming capsules and START using our new Edible Film, the oblate disk that allows you to effortlessly swallow even the biggest nootropic powder stacks.

After all, who likes swallowing a piece of toilet paper filled with expensive nootropic powders? The paper products traditionally used to swallow a nootropic powder stack can be extremely harmful to your GI. Using the parachute method with paper products may cause internal blockage, bloating, vomiting, constipation and is bad on your stomach linng and intestines.

Supplements for Work’s Edible Film is the safest way to parachute your favorite nootropic powders. Compared to traditional parachute dosing, Edilbe Film is safe, effective, easy to use and can be used multiple times a day without any stomach issues. They go down smooth and don’t come back up.

Supplements for Work’s Edible Film Oblate Disks are 100% vegan, glutten free, and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Manufactured from only high-quality starch and water, each of our flexible and tear-resistant Edible Oblate Discs are just 10-microns thick, making every translucent sheet as soft and gentle on the throat as they are in your hands.

Contains 200 Edible Oblate Disk sheets with each purchase.

Don’t forget to get a 0.001g Digital Scale for the most accurate dosing.