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Kava Concentrate Extract


Our Kava concentrate has been specially formulated to make a Kava drink that tastes great!

Kava concentrate is available in 2 flavors:

Guava Kava is a delicious concoction of kava and guava that will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise.

Kava Margarita is a festive lemon-lime flavor that’s perfect for any get-together with friends or a chill night in.

Directions: Add 1oz. of Kava concentrate to 7oz. of water and you’re ready to go with a great tasting kava beverage.

  • Great for people new to Kava who would like a quick and easy way to make a Kava drink at home or on-the-go.
  • Perfect for those who dislike the taste of traditional kava but still want the anxiolytic benefits from drinking Kava.
  • Relax with either of these great tasting Kava Concentrates at home or at your next get-together with friends.
  • Ease your stress while at work and enter a state of productive, focused calm. The perfect thing before a big test or stressful meeting.
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Kava as a Nootropic

There have been plenty of research studies published on the subject of Kava.  A meta-analysis of 11 different studies found that the Kava root is significantly better at reducing anxiety than a placebo. Another double-blind study with 61 participants found that kava could reduce anxiety over a 4 week period. That same study found kava sleep quality benefits as well.

Kava users report significantly less anxiety and more sociability, while those who suffered from insomnia were able to sleep after consuming the plant. By improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety, cognitive performance is supported as well. In one situation, 20 subjects tested reaction time after taking the extract and found their performance had improved.

See the resource links in our notes for additional studies on how kava works as a nootropic.

Kava Quality Assurance

Our kava concentrate is made from lab-tested, 100% Noble kava root, giving you all of the best benefits from kava in one beverage. All coarse fibers have been removed and no fillers have been added to our kava concentrate, eliminating the need for straining and ensuring higher quality and better effects.

All of our Kava is sourced direct from small farmers across the South Pacific, so freshness is guaranteed.

Kava Safety

Do not drink Kava concentrate undiluted. Contains 15% alcohol undiluted. Consult your healthcare professional before taking Kava with any other medication. When taking Kava in high doses, avoid operating heavy machinery. For regular Kava users, a routine liver function tests are advised. Do not consume Kava if pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure or heal any disease.



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