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Sulbutiamine Powder


Sulbutiamine Benefits*

  • Promotes physical energy, mental focus and attention.
  • Research suggests Sulbutiamine creates little to no tolerance.
  • Derived from Vitamin B1, which is important for mood & healthy cognitive function.
  • In clinical trials, Sulbutiamine was shown to exhibit neuro-protective qualities.
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Sulbutiamine is a dietary supplement that is made by bonding two Thiamine (Vitamin B1) molecules together. The difference between the two is that Sulbutiamine is able to cross over the blood-brain barrier quite easily. In so doing, this supplement can increase levels of Thiamine and Thiamine phosphate esters within the brain. Thiamine is important for proper energy metabolism as well as nerve transmissions throughout your nervous system.

Sulbutiamine is concentrated in the brain, resulting in better energy generation and improved maintenance of healthy neurons. Sulbutiamine capsules (sold under the true name Arcalion) are used clinically in the treatment of asthenia and other diseases characterized by chronic fatigue. Today, Sulbutiamine is most popular as an energy supplement and cognitive enhancer in the nootropic family.


Sulbutiamine for Energy

Most people will tell you that caffeine makes them feel more awake, aware, better focused and sometimes even puts them in a better mood. Now imagine that on top of all of that, caffeine made your brain more efficient and responsive, gave you greater working memory capacity, makes it easier to learn and actually makes you less anxious. Even better, what if caffeine made your brain cells healthier and could repair damage from external factors or the process of aging? These are the promised benefits of Sulbutiamine, all of which have been displayed in research studies, clinical trials, and even user reviews.

Sulbutiamine is one of the best nootropics for increasing your mental energy, stamina and brain activity that is overall. It works in part by facilitating the conversion of carbohydrates into energy to be used by your cells. The brain can only use glucose for energy, unlike other organs in your body which can burn fat and also protein. This process requires Thiamine in order to assemble enzymes that are certain are then used to metabolize carbohydrates. You can generate more ATP through the process of catabolism when you increase the availability of Thiamine in your brain by taking capsules of Sulbutiamine.

Increasing the energy supply to your brain makes all of the many millions of cognitive processes occurring at once run more efficiently and smoothly. It can help you stay focused when reading that ridiculously article that is long your Psychology class, writing a report for your boss at work or even when exercising at the gym. Sulbutiamine seems to make your brain work faster, giving you speedier memory recall, better reasoning skills, more clarity of thought and enabling you to recognize patterns and associations that you might otherwise have missed. Some users say they are generally more aware of their surroundings and process more information input, whether from visual perceptions or hearing. Unlike caffeine, Sulbutiamine stimulates you without leading to jitters, stress, hyperactivity or a energy crash that is subsequent.

There are additional benefits to using Sulbutiamine that can improve your memory. This supplement is observed to improve memory formation and the processes that underwrite the storage of memories in your brain. It potentiates neurotransmitter that is certain in the brain, particularly dopamine which is the pleasure neurotransmitter that drives many of our ambitions and desires. Sulbutiamine can help you get motivated,overcome that procrastination habit, and make you feel happier.

It is sometimes used as an anti-depressant and there are people who have found it to be effective for reducing anxiety. Another interesting application is in the treatment of social phobias or psycho behavioral inhibitions like shyness and anxiety that is social. There have even been studies showing that it can treat dysfunction that is erectile. (Bet you wish caffeine could do that!)


Dosing & Safety

Research shows that 200 mg was the optimal dosage for taking Sulbutiamine to gain all of the desirable effects while avoiding any potential side-effects. Some may find that this is a dosage that is sufficient give them all the energy they need for a day.  The research patients’ dosage largely depends on whether they use it with other supplements or on its own; some titration or experimentation may be necessary to arrive at the amount that is ideal. Sulbutiamine is best to take with a full meal after dissolving the sulbutiamine in some sort of flavored fatty liquid, such as an Omega 3 supplement, since the powder form is fat-soluable.


The Sulbutiamine Taste

Many people who use this nootropic find its taste leaves something to be desired. Some users have even reported that the taste of sulbutiamine is not worth the energy it provides – a bold statement considering the massive amounts of calm mental and physical energy that this supplement provides. If you’re going to buy sulbutiamine powder, purchasing it in conjunction with something that matches sulbutiamine’s flavor profile in order to mask its taste is strongly recommended. You can find a detail guide on How to Make Sulbutiamine Powder Taste Delicious on our Blog here.


Sulbutiamine Side Effects

Sulbutiamine capsules carry a low risk of side effects and most people will use them without any negative impact. The side effects that are common include skin rashes similar to eczema, mood disruption, sleeping difficulties, and lack of appetite. The supplement is known to interact with Dopamine production in the brain which has led some to raise concerns about the possibility of tolerance as well as changes in mood. Sulbutiamine does increase the rate of Dopamine activity in your neurons, but it actually does this in a way that prevents the risk of receptor down-regulator by suppressing some of your dopamine that is natural release. It is possible that this could produce “low” feelings in subjects with depression if this applies to you so you should check with your doctor before using it. You should also not mix this drug with other medications for depression.

One of the amazing benefits of Sulbutiamine is that users report an extremely slow and incremental build up of tolerance to this nootropic – in fact, many report that they experience absolutely no tolerance to sulbutiamine, even after using it every day for several weeks in a row. Aside from nootropic stacks in the racetam family in which the best way to get results is through a daily supplement routine to allow them to built up in the brain, those who buy sulbutiamine should keep in mind that there are very few nootropic compounds that should be used on a daily basis, and sulbutiamine is most effective when used a maximum of 1-3 times in a 7-day period.

Sulbutiamine is extremely synergistic when stacked alongside other nootropics such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, Alpha GPC or any other cholinergic supplements. Since B vitamins are transient and are expelled through the body through urination when unused, stacking sulbutiamine with a high quality Vitamin B complex in the form of a pressed pill or capsule is both safe, effective, and a robust form of mental and physical energy free of jitters and other negative side effects associated with stimulants like caffeine.


Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this supplement is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. Consult your healthcare professional before taking this, or any new supplement. Do not exceed recommended dose. Terms of Sale apply.

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