Theacrine is available in 5, 10, or 20 grams and comes sealed in a handy temperature controlled pouch for easy weighing and storage.

Benefits of Theacrine:

  • Improves energy as a caffeine replacement
  • Improves mood and helps fight depression
  • Improves focus, motivation, and productivity
  • Reduces inflamation
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What is Theacrine?

Theacrine is a naturally occurring chemical that is similar to caffeine in both effects and dosage. Unlike caffeine, however, Theacrine builds virtually zero tolerance in users after repeated use. This observation has been documented in multiple research studies, including the nootropic, cognitive, and mood enhancement properties of Theacrine. Because of its involvement in adenosine and dopamine receptors, this bitter, crystalline alkaloid increases locomotor activity in a way that makes it perfect for those looking for a caffeine alternative.

It is found in different types of tea and coffee, as well as in the seeds of the Herrania and Theocrama plant species. It is also found in the tea plant Camellia assamica var. kucha, or known as the Chinese tea Kudingcha, which has been used traditionally to prolong life and cure the common cold.  Theacrine seems to affect the brain similar to caffeine because it appears to be synthesized from it with an additional methyl group, and a carbamide as a result of higher oxidation state.

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