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Supplements for Work’s Updated Quality Control Process

Complete transparency is one of the cornerstones upon which Supplements for Work was built. It’s always been one of our core values, ever since we first started and included a copy of the Certificate of Analysis with each order we shipped. Every customer has the right to know exactly what’s in the products they buy because, let’s face it, it can be pretty scary when faced with a ubiquitous “proprietary blend” and you aren’t certain that the listed ingredients may not be entirely accurate. When someone buys from Supplements for Work, we don’t want them to have a single doubt in their mind about the purity of what they’re getting, which is why we are updating our quality control process.

Previous to this update, our QA process was pretty much the same as every other online nootropic vendor:

  1. We request something to be manufactured
  2. The manufacturer provides us with their analysis of the batch before shipping us the batch.
  3. Once received, we send a sample from that batch to a 3rd party lab for HPLC analysis.
  4. If the results of the analysis meet our standards (>98% purity with no traces of  harmful impurities), only then are we able to make it available for sale. Anything non-complaint with these standards gets sent back.
  5. Our COAs are always available for any customer who wants to view them here.

This process is the QA standard in the supplement industry and is essential both for knowing exactly what’s in our products and keeping our customers safe, however, there are several problems with this model of quality control. What if the manufacturer sends you a fake COA? What if the 3rd party lab tech botches the analysis? What if their testing equipment is not working properly? What if they mix up the samples or results of the analysis with a different batch? Although extremely rare, there are an infinite amount of things that could go wrong due to human error or technological malfunction. This risks the possibility, however remote, that both the vendor and customer may not know the true quality of each batch.

Starting immediately, Supplements for Work is adopting a new quality control process that removes any doubts of a products purity and gives our customers peace of mind.

  1. We request something to be manufactured.
  2. We send an auditor to the manufacturing facility to ensure they operate in a clean, ethical, and GMP complaint environment.
  3. If they pass, they manufacture the requested compound and provide us with their analysis of the batch before shipping us the batch.
  4. Once received, we send a sample from that batch to a 3rd party lab for HPLC and a second form of analysis depending on the compound.
  5. Meanwhile, we conduct our own in-house analysis.
  6. The compound manufacturer, the 3rd party lab, and our own in-house analysis must match up while conforming to our standard of >98% purity with no traces of  harmful impurities. Any variance between the three test results requires additional analysis before we can make it available for sale.
  7. The certificates of analysis are fastidiously updated with every new batch and open to the public at all times. Factory audit reports will also be available, although the names and contact information will be blacked out.

Obviously, this new process involves an extra week or two of lead time between us receiving the products and actually making them available for sale. It is also considerably more expensive, however, Supplements for Work will endeavor to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality nootropics available anywhere. The goal here is to eliminate the question of quality from every end of the spectrum, and by immediately adopting this new QA procedure, we hope to do just that.

Let us know if there are any other steps you would like to see us adopt into our Quality Assurance process by commenting below.